S. Wilson Paper Mills, 0-4-T, No. 2112 - Era 2/3

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S. Wilson Paper Mills, 0-4-T, No. 2112 - Era 2/3 (R3752)
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S Wilson Paper Mills 0 4 T No 2112 Era 2 3

  • Length: 108mm
  • Period: Era 2/3
  • Designer: Freelance
  • Minimum Curve: R1
  • Age Suitability: 3+
  • Motor: RM
  • Wheel Configuration: 0-4-0T

From Thomas the Tank Engine, to icons of progressive rock, Hornby’s RailRoad range of 0-4-0 locomotives have featured many different liveries and naming conventions over the years and have become stalwarts of train sets for beginners. Many successful modellers will now be too shy to admit that their misplaced childhood started out with the small engines that Hornby created as an experiment in mass appeal.

This collection provides a perfect entry into the exciting world of 00 gauge railway modelling. Designed to be less easily damaged, yet maintaining attractive detailing and accurate liveries, the range is ideal for both the younger enthusiast and experienced modeller.