BR, Class 31, A1A-A1A, D5509 - Era 6

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BR, Class 31, A1A-A1A, D5509 - Era 6 (R3661)
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BR Class 31 A1A A1A D5509 Era 6

  • Length :225mm
  • DCC Type :DCC Ready
  • Period :Era 6 (1957 - 1971)
  • Operator/Livery :BR, BR Two Tone Green
  • Class :Class 31
  • Designer :Brush Traction
  • Entered Service :1958
  • Minimum Curve :R2
  • Age Suitability 14+
  • Motor :5 Pole Skew Wound
  • Wheel Configuration :A1A-A1A


A fantastic selection of Hornby 00 gauge diesel and electric locomotives. Coming to the fore during the 1950s, the diesel-electric locomotive displaced many a steam engine and has been a dominant part of the railway landscape ever since. Hornby's extensive range of diesel and electric locomotives is perfect to complement any train set from this time of transition through to the modern day layout.

Whether you are looking for early models to run alongside your steam locomotives or modern high speed trains, explore our range of DCC-fitted and DCC-ready locomotives. For the ultimate experience, we also have our fascinating diesel and electric locomotives with sound range.

Whatever you choose, from the passenger-moving multiple units to the ever popular diesel and electric locomotive workhorses, Hornby's accurate details and fine build quality will ensure these electric and diesel locomotives perform tirelessly and look the part alongside our extensive collection of a ccessories and rolling stock.