Class 37/0 37041 BR Blue Split Headcode

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Class 37/0 37041 BR Blue Split Headcode (32-781B)
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Class 37/0 37041 BR Blue Split Headcode

Model of BR class 37 locomotive 37041, one of the initial design of class 37s incorporating communicating doors into the nose, resulting in a split headcode box arrangement. The headcode boxes were carried long after the nose doors were sealed and headcodes ceased to be used, the roller blinds being replaced by a blanking plate with a transparent dot to allow a white marker light to show.

The Bachmann model features a diecast chassis with centrally mounted motor driving all six axles. The bodyshell is finely detailed with excellent side and curved cantrail grille mouldings. Body, bonnet and roof hatches, panels, sand box fillers and hand/foot recesses are crisply moulded with fine joint lines. Hinge and securing bolts have been well defined and a seperate main cooling fan is fitted below a see-through roof grille.
Additional detailing parts are supplied including etched radiator frost screens, dummy screw coupling, multiple working jumper cables and mini-plows.

Era 7. DCC Ready 21 pin decoder required for DCC operation.

Branchline models are designed to be a consistent size that is known as OO scale. Our models are large enough to incorporate a high level of detail as well as many additional features such as directional lighting, sound effects and digital.

OO scale models run on a track with a gap of 16.5mm between the running rails and this track gauge is the most popular in the world