Vent Van with Sound - Era 3/4/5

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Vent Van with Sound - Era 3/4/5 (R6925TTS)
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Vent Van with Sound Era 3 4 5

The sounds on the current R6925TTS Vent Van have been divided into four groups to keep related sounds together; the Railway Station, Around the Farm, the Town (or Village) and Emergency Services.

Any of these sounds can be played in conjunction with each other, up to the limit of three sounds at any one time, which we hope will encourage enthusiasts to experiment by mixing different sounds together, creating ‘soundscapes’ that represent different scenarios and applications. This version of the TTS Vent Van adds another twenty-nine sounds and can easily be used in conjunction with the previous model (R6888TTS).

The first group of sounds listed are all related to everyday railway sounds of the 1950s/1960s. The second group of sounds take place around the farm.

The third group of sounds moves on to a small town or village, where many familiar sounds can be heard. The final group of sounds cover the emergency services and incidents that may happen in a city, town or village with a range of emergency vehicle sounds covering three different periods (F26, F27 and F28) from the 1920s through to the modern day.

  • Length: 80mm
  • DCC Type: DCC Fitted

Freight trains formed the visual back drop to an industrial nation and our wonderfully utilitarian rolling stock is essential for any authentic model railway.

From rural idyll to urban bustle, a tank engine or diesel electric shunter with its timber, aggregate or chemical wagons in tow will ensure your layout looks interesting and realistic.

Whether you are looking for Hornby container wagons or brake vans, many come with detailed logos. Look out for the pre-weathered models too, for additional details.