Trumpeter DF-21 Ballistic Missile Launcher 1:35 Scale Model Kit

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DF-21 Ballistic Missile Launcher (TM00202)
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Starter Paint Pack 17 x 17ml Bottles (VP00202)
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The Chinese designated DF-21 (East Wind-21), intermediate-range ballistic missile has the NATO designation CSS-5, and is a variant of the CSS-N-3 (JL-1) submarine-launched ballistic missile developed from the mid-1960s and first test launched in 1982. The road mobile CSS-5 was first successfully test flown in 1985, CSS-5 was China's first road mobile solid-propellant ballistic missile. An improved version of CSS-5 Mod 2, known in China as DF-21A, has been developed with an increased range and several different warhead options. Reports in 1996 indicated that DF-21A had an improved accuracy; using both GPS and a radar-based terminal guidance system. CSS-5 is launched from a Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicle with the missile being cold-launched from its canister, with motor ignition occurring about 20 m above the launch vehicle. The TEL consists of a tractor vehicle and an open flat-top trailer with a single launch platform at the rear. The missile test and targeting functions are carried out from separate logistics and command vehicles. A six vehicle convoy is used by PLA artillery regiments for the CSS-5 system, including a command vehicle, a logistics support vehicle, a reload vehicle and three TEL vehicles. A new TEL vehicle was displayed in 1999, with a tractor-trailer unit having three axles on the tractor vehicle and three axles on the trailer. The missile was carried in a sealed canister, with several access hatches to provide for maintenance and testing.
Item Type Static Armor

Length: 460.5 mm
Width: 84.7mm

Total Parts: 808pcs
Scale 1:35

Photo etch part: Grills
Decal Marking: For Chinese Army Service
More features: Full engine detail

Starter Paint Pack comprises 17 x Vallejo Model Colour Paints 17ml

The acrylic ,water-based formula of Model color range has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes.