Tamiya British Army Chieftain Tank Mk.5 1:35th Scale Plastic Model Kit

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Tamiya British Army Chieftain Tank Mk.5 1:35th Scale Plastic Model Kit (35068)
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Starter Paint Pack (4 x 17ml Bottles) (VP35068)
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Tamiya British Army Chieftain Tank Mk.5 Kit

The Chieftain Tank is one of the best known of the present generation of battlefield weapons, and is one of the most heavily armoured and armed fighting vehicles in service anywhere today. It has not been without its detractors or critics, however, and there has been a running debate by military commentators for several years past on the relative merits of the British Chieftain Tank compared with the main battle tanks of other great military powers- the United States, Soviet Russia, France and West Germany - whose present equivalent designs afford a fascinating contrast with Chieftain in many key aspects.

Chieftain Mk 5: First announced in 1970, this was the main type in service in the mid 1970's. Further engine modifications bring the power output up to 750bph, with consequent improvement in overall performance, and revision of the ammunition stowage arrangements enabled 64 rounds to be stowed. Splash plates have been added on the glacis.

About this Tamiya Chieftain Tank Kit

Includes 3 realistic figures

Openable hatches

Fully detailed plastic tracks

Scale - 1/35th

Overall length - 308mm

Starter Paint Pack Includes:

4 x 17ml Vallejo model paints. Vallejo paints are supplied in plastic bottles of 17ml with an eyedropper device which keeps paint from drying and prevents spills. The model color range has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic, but the product is not toxic, not flammable, and does not give off noxious fumes. The paint packs offered are only our suggestion and may not match directly with the instructions found within the kit.