Occre Adler Steam Train Locomotive 1:24 Scale Wood and Metal Model Kit

Occre Adler Steam Train Locomotive (54001)
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Occre Adler Coaches (56001)
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Occre Adler Show Base Kit (Size: Without Coaches) (55101)
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Occre Adler Show Base Kit (Size: With Coaches) (55103)
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Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Starter Paint Pack 8 X 17ml For Adler Train (VP54001)
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Starter Paint Pack 7 X 17ml For Adler Coaches (VP56001)
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OcCre's wood and metal kit contains all the parts necessary for making an accurate and impressive replica. Laser cut wooden parts make up the loco body, which is then covered with individual African walnut strips. A large array of cast metal parts forms rods, buffers, carriage springs, bushes and couplings. Brass parts include piston, connecting rods, bands, handles, connecting rod, hook and chain. The tender is complete with such life-like details as hatch covers, grating- even a load of coal gravel.

Photographic instructions make building easy.

Dimensions: Length: 330mm Width: 80mm Height: 180mm

Scale 1:24 Gauge G-45 (45mm) 

The Adler (German for 'Eagle') was the first locomotive that was successfully used commercially for the rail transport of passengers and goods in Germany. The railway vehicle was designed and built in 1835 by the British railway pioneers George and Robert Stephenson of Newcastle. It was shipped in pieces from Newcastle to the Port of Rotterdam, from there it was transported up the Rhine to Cologne, and from Cologne, with a great deal of difficulty, it had then to be transported overland to Nuremberg. When it finally reached its destination it was put back together at the workshops of Johann Wilhelm Spaeth. The coaches were built in wood by local workshops. It was delivered to the Bavarian Ludwig Railway, Bayerische Ludwigsbahn, for service between Nuremberg and Fürth. On 7th December 1835 it completed its maiden journey from Furth to Nuremberg, along a line measuring 6.04 km in length.. The Adler was a steam locomotive of the Patentee type with a wheel arrangement of 2-2-2 (Whyte notation) or 1A1 (UIC classification). The Adler was equipped with a tender of type 2 T 2.

Please note: Carriages and display base are available separately.