Model Trailways 19th Century Doctors Buggy 1:12 Scale Model Kit

Model Trailways 19th Century Doctors Buggy 1:12 Scale Model Kit (MS6003)
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While some doctor’s buggies were built with plain box-type bodies, many had a more elegant shape. Called phaeton types, they had a gracefully curving body and large wheels. Storage compartments below the seat held the physician’s bag, medical instruments and supplies.

These buggies were lightly constructed for one occupant and drawn by a single horse. They were fast and could handle terrain that heavier wagons could not. Old-time doctors made house calls night or day, rain or snow. Most buggies had a folding leather top that could be raised in inclement weather. 

Our model replicates a phaeton type buggy. The design is based on a drawing in an 1884 trade journal plus many contemporary photographs. We have not included a top, as it would be very difficult to model at this small scale.

This kit by Model Trailways has been designed to be historically accurate and easy to assembly. Fine basswood and cherry parts are laser cut to eliminate tedious sanding and shaping. Perfectly machined aluminum hubs, wooden spokes and rims replicate the wheels. Photo-etched brass and cleanly cast Britannia metal parts add life-like detail. Three sheets of plans and illustrated instructions explain every stage of construction.


  • Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
  • Laser cut basswood and cherry parts
  • Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
  • Photo-etched brass detail sheet
  • Perfectly machined aluminum hubs
  • 3 sheets of plans & illustrated instructions


  • Length 8”
  • Width  5-1/2”
  • Height 8”
  • Scale 1:12

Kit design, plans, instructions and prototype model by Bob Crane

doctors buggy 19th century