Krick U-Boat Type VII b Submarine Kit

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U-boat Type Vii B (K20310C)
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This is a highly detailed kit complete with: twin screw drive, including motors, ballast tank and pump; ABS manufactured hull; fully detailed deck; all necessary rigging; step by step instruction manual with full detailed plan sheets.

Ideal as an introduction to the world of submarine building.

  • Scale 1:60
  • Length 1120mm
  • Beam 127mm
  • Height: 170mm

The U-Boat Type VII is probably the most well known submarine ever built. Over 1000 were built and used world wide and in its time it set many standards and became very successful. Its elegant and sleek lines make this an attractive model for either static display or a working model. A ballast tank is used to partially submerge the model then the model is dived by using the dive planes and forward speed. With this technique very true to scale diving manoeuvres are possible.

The dive method of this model is semi-dynamic, which means that a pump and a tide tank are included in the dive set, but this is only supportive of the dynamic (speed assisted) dive. 

Further Items Requied

  • Two NiMH rechargeable batteries 6 V min. 2000 mAh (connected in series)
  • Remote control min. 4 channels with power supply for the transmitter 
  • Receiver min 4 channels, one electronic speed controller for the drive and for the pump of the flood tank 
  • One servo each for the depth and rudder 
  • cable and connectors for wiring 
  • Adhesives and paints