Occre Xebec Cazador Period Ship Kit

Occre Cazador Kit (14002)
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Model Makers Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Discover one of the jewels of ship modelling,The Xebec Cazador. It will allow you to enjoy marvellous moments and relive the age in which these majestic ships sailed the oceans. The reproduction of the model is faithful to the original and will provide many happy hours of modelling.

These picturesque and beautiful ships resembled the galleys in terms of their raised quarter-decks, although they were much easier to work, a much appreciated characteristic in the naval battles of the period, where they were involved in numerous daring actions.

The xebecs played a decisive role as auxiliaries to fleets on missions of exploration, discovery, lookout and mail; specifically during the Algerian landings and the second siege of Gibraltar.

Our model kits will provide you with all the elements necessary to ensure the reality of your model ship, down to the smallest imaginable naval detail. We hope that you will enjoy your love of ship modelling with the Xebec Cazador, a splendid model ship that will provide you with lengthy periods of creative leisure.

Double Planked

Scale - 1:60
Length - 860mm
Height - 630mm
Width - 160mm