Occre HMS Beagle 1:60 Scale Model Kit

Occre HMS Beagle Kit (12005)
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Model Makers Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Rigging Tool Set (RTS)
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Hobbies Planking Tool Set (HOB24)
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OcCre's impressive 1/60 scale HMS Beagle wood and metal model ship kit contains all the parts necessary for you to create an accurate replica.

The HMS Beagle was one of the most famous ships of its time for different reasons. The most famous of all was without a doubt its journey of naturalistic research, captained by Commander Robert FitzRoy and accompanied by a young Darwin on board.

Launched in the Thames River on May 11, 1820, it was built by the Woolwich shipyards. In July of that same year, as part of the celebrations for the coronation of King George IV, it was the first ship to sail under the new London Bridge.

In total, the HMS Beagle made 3 great trips. It was not until his second trip when Darwin first embarked. Of the almost five years that this second expedition lasted, Darwin was three years and three months on land and eighteen months at sea.

Requires paints and glue to complete.

Dimensions (approx):

Length: 720mm x Width: 230mm x Height: 480mm.

Hobbies Rigging Tool Set Contains:

  • 1 x Amati Loom-A-Line tool.
  • 1 x Rigging Tools set.
  • 1 x Microsnips.

Model Makers Glue Pack Contains:

  • Deluxe Materials Speed Bond 112g
  • Deluxe Materials Roket Max Thick Cyano (Super glue)

Hobbies Planking Tool Set Contains:

  • Plank Bending Tool with Blade.
  • 2 x 50mm Nylon Grip Clamps.
  • 2 x 75mm Nylon Grip Clamps.
  • Pen Grip Pin Pusher.
  • Brass Pins for Pin Pusher (Pack of 100).

Check out the HMS Beagle building tutorial videos. Below is step 1 of 30. Follow the link to view them all!