Occre Gamela Carmina 1:15 Scale Model Gamella Boat Kit

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Occre Gamela Carmina 1:15 Scale Model Gamella Boat Kit (52001)
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 You can replicate the Gamella with this fantastic quality model kit which features clear, colourful step-by-step instructions, laser cut wood and white metal parts.

Ideal for modelmakers to immerse themselves into the world of ship modelling. and enjoy a journey back to the age of these marvellous boats



Model Dimensions: 

  • 360 mm
  • 280 mm
  • 130 mm


“Gamellas” are one of the most emblematic of the popular Galician embarkations. With snubbed bow and stern and a flat bottom they can be either rowed or sailed.

Completely built in pine they were traditionally painted red. Nowadays they can be found painted in a variety of bright and cheerful colours. The name comes from the “gamella”, ie. trough or basin, used for feeding animals.

The “Carmina” is popular for two reasons, the ease with which it can be brought to shore, and its dimensions, with a length of over 16 feet and a beam of about 6 feet.

For anchoring, the traditional “poutadas” or rocks, are still used.