Caldercraft HMS Mars circa 1770s 1:64 Scale Model Kit

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Caldercraft HMS Mars (HPS/9009)
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Paints For HMS Mars 6 x 18ml Pots (APS9009W)
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The Caldercraft HMS Mars model kit includes:

  • Double plank on bulkhead construction, Keel and bulkheads are CNC cut in Birch ply as are all the major constructional parts.
  • Extensive use of CNC cut Walnut has been employed for the majority of structures and fittings. 
  • The wood pack contains Lime for the first planking, Walnut for the second planking and Tanganyka for the decks. Ramin dowel is supplied for the masts and yards.
  • Scale 6pdr gun carriages, 18 Brass 6pdr guns, 10 Brass swivel guns
  • The gundeck features two Elm tree pumps, pre-cut wood grating kit, pre-cut capstan kit, pre-cut pin rails, wooden belaying pins.
  • Rigging thread is supplied in natural and black to rig the model as depicted in the photographs.
  • Blocks, deadeyes, etched brass chainplate assemblies with strops, shroud cleats, trucks, stunsail yard brackets as well as CNC cut Walnut tops, crosstrees, trestle trees, mast caps and a wealth of unique detail parts. 
  • Full size plans and comprehensive instruction book.
  • Kit shown as fitted out for Royal Navy service.


  • Scale: 1:64 
  • Length: 790mm 
  • Width: 310mm 
  • Height 590mm 
  • Planking: Double
  • Part No: C9009

Historical facts:

HMS Mars was built in Holland in the late 1770's and commissioned as a Dutch Privateer. She was built with unusually sleek lines and as such she was one of the fastest vessels afloat at the time. She was, however, taken by the 38 gun heavy frigate Artois on 3rd December 1781. Her captor reported that the HMS Mars ' be quite new and the completest Privateer he ever saw.' Mars was heavily armed for her size.

As originally built, she had 18 x 9 pounder cannon and 12 swivel guns. This was changed in 1792 to 18 x 6 pounders and 10 swivel guns, which is also the kit configuration. After she was captured, she was fitted out for Royal Navy Service, presumably for escort and convoy duty. She must have been well liked as she served in the Royal Navy for 18 years after her capture. She was lost on 5th December 1799, when she foundered in a hurricane in the Indian Ocean.

The 18 gun brig sloop HMS Mars' dimensions were as follows:
100' 11" long across deck
73' 2 5/8" keel length
30' 4" wide
She weighed 396 tons and carried a compliment of 120 officers and men.