Caldercraft HM Yacht Chatham 1741 1:64 Scale Ship Model Kit

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Caldercraft Hm Yacht Chatham (HPS/9011)
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Paints For Hm Yacht Chatham 6 X 18ml Pots (APS9011W)
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The Caldercraft Yacht Chatham model kit features the following:

  • Double plank on bulkhead construction, Keel and bulkheads are CNC cut in Birch ply as are all the major constructional parts.
  • Extensive use of CNC cut Walnut has been employed for the majority of visible structures and fittings. 
  • The wood strip pack contains maple for the first planking, Walnut for the second layer of planking and maple for the decks.
  • Ramin dowel is supplied for the masts and yards.
  • The deck fittings feature pre-cut wood gratings, pre-cut pin rails and wooden belaying pins and C.N.C cut companionway hatches and decklights.
  • Cast white metal figurehead, stern and quarter gallery decoration. 
  • Rigging thread is supplied in natural and black to rig the model as depicted in the photographs.
  • Walnut Blocks and deadeyes; etched brass chainplate assemblies with strops.
  • White metal shroud cleats anchors and a wealth of unique detail parts.
  • Full size plans and comprehensive building instructions


  • Scale: 1:64 
  • Length: 530mm 
  • Width: 200mm 
  • Height: 470mm 
  • Planking: Double
  • Part No: C9011

Historical facts:

H.M. Chatham Yacht was launched in Chatham dockyard in 1741, for use as a pleasurecraft for the more affluent members of Georgian society. Yachts were of Dutch origin and came to Denmark and Sweden. They were introduced to Britain in 1660 when Charles II, on his return to England was presented the Yacht Mary.
In the early days, the yacht was thought of as a pleasure and transport craft only. However the vessels found their way back into the merchant service as well as serving very successfully as fleet reconnaissance vessels. Also, as these vessels were very fast, they were commissioned as dispatch vessels or packet yachts.

HM Yacht Chatham was rebuilt in 1794, again at Chatham dockyard and was not broken up until 1867, after a very long life. This kit depicts H.M. Yacht Chatham as she was after this rebuild.