Amati Viking Longboat Kit Wooden Model Boat Kit

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Amati Viking Longboat Kit (HPS/1406)
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Model Makers Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Hobbies Planking Tool Set (HOB24)
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Starter Paint Pack (4) (VP1406)
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Amati Viking Longboat


  • Scale 1:50
  • Size: Length 440mm (17 1/4”)
  • Pre-cut outer planking 
  • Pre-cut keel, frames and decking 
  • Wooden mast and yardarm
  • Figurehead and accessories in wood and resin
  • cloth for sails
  • Laser cut cradle included.

Amati's model is based on a 9th century Viking ship. Plank-on-bulkhead construction features laser cut wood keel, frames and deck. Individual wood strips are provided for hull and deck planking. Wooden mast and yard, sailcloth, cotton rigging line, resin and hardwood fittings, plus authentic figurehead allow you to outfit your model just like the original. Clear plans and detailed instructions make building easy.

Please note Hardwood Base and Pedestals are not included.

"Gold and silver gleaming on the bows and flanks of every ship of a magnificent fleet, the mere sight of which struck terror in the hearts of any foe." Named "Ormen Lange" (or Long Serpent) by King Olaf Tryggvesson, the drakkar was the most formidable of all Viking warships. With its dragon figurehead, the drakkar could be of a remarkable length, some up to 48 metres. Clinker built and protected by high gunnels, the drakkar had to be light and extremely manoeuvrable.

Optional Extras

Model Makers Glue Pack

  • Deluxe Materials Speed Bond 112g
  • Deluxe Materials Roket Max Thick Cyano (Super glue)

Hobbies Planking Tool Set

  • Plank Bending Tool with Blade
  • 2 x 50mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • 2 x 75mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • Pen Grip Pin Pusher
  • 7.5mm Brass Pins for Pin Pusher (Pack of 100)

Rigging Tool Set

  • Amati Rigging tools
  • Micro snips
  • Amati Loom-a-line