Amati Chinese Pirate Junk Wooden Model Boat Kit

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Amati Chinese Pirate Junk Kit (HPS/1421)
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Glue Pack (MMGP)
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Hobbies Planking Tool Set (HOB24)
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Rigging Tool Set (RTS)
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Amati Chinese Pirate Junk Model


  • Scale = 1:100
  • Length = 400mm
  • Plank on frame
  • Laser cut parts
  • Cast metal cannons

A typical Chinese boat from Amati these are still built and used today for pleasure.

Amati's kit has bamboo yards, a thatched bamboo roof and the characteristically large rudder. The bow,stern and cabins are decorated with brightly colored silk screened images of majestic birds and fanged demon gods.

Plank-on bulkhead construction features pre-cut beech and walnut. Laser cradle included.

Please Note: Base board and brass pedestals are NOT included.


Junks like these plied the seas, rivers and harbours of China and Hong Kong. For the captains of Clippers carrying tea and spices to Europe, it was impossible to tell whether they were peaceful merchants or ferocious pirates, until it was too late. This highly effective model differs from a merchant junk for its weaponry, consisting of 8 small calibre canons.

Optional Extras

Model Makers Glue Pack

  • Deluxe Materials Speed Bond 112g
  • Deluxe Materials Roket Max Thick Cyano (Super glue)

Hobbies Planking Tool Set

  • Plank Bending Tool with Blade
  • 2 x 50mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • 2 x 75mm Nylon Grip Clamps
  • Pen Grip Pin Pusher
  • 7.5mm Brass Pins for Pin Pusher (Pack of 100)

Rigging Tool Set

  • Amati Rigging tools
  • Micro snips
  • Amati Loom-a-line