Model Airways Sopwith Camel WW1 Plane

Model Airways Sopwith Camel WW1 Plane (TM83004)
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An Exceptional Model Airplane In An Extraordinary 1:16 Scale Kit

A Wood & Metal Replica As Detailed As The Real Airplane
There has never been a scale airplane model as highly detailed as the Sopwith Camel by Model Airways. We’ve captured virtually every detail of the original to reproduce this legendary aircraft as a historically accurate scale replica.

Build your very own museum quality kit using the included 5 sheets of plans and 44 pages of step-by-step instructions with clear drawings and photographs. Over 150 laser cut birch parts and over 70 quality metal castings for building the engine. No plastic parts included with this kit! 

  • Wingspan 21"
  • Fuselage Length 14-1/16"
  • Scale 1:16 
  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate Level 

Brief History
As a successor to the Pup, the Sopwith Camel entered Royal Navy squadron service in July of 1917. It was designed to help the British gain control of the skies over the trenches of WWI. The Sopwith Camel accounted for 1,294 victories, more than any other Allied aircraft type.

The Sopwith Camel was the first British fighter to mount twin synchronized .303 Vickers machine guns in front of the cockpit. A fairing surrounding the gun installation created a hump, giving the Camel its name.

The Sopwith Camel F.1 had a wingspan of 28 ft., was 18 ft. 9 in. in length, and was powered by a 130hp Clerget 9-cylinder rotary engine, producing a maximum speed of 101-113 mph. Fluid capacity of 26 gallons allowed 2.5 hours of flying time. Fiery and temperamental, the Camel had a wicked torque and was difficult to fly. In fact, more men lost their lives learning to fly it than using it in combat. But in the hands of an experienced pilot, the Camel was a deadly opponent in a dog-fight. Its greatest glory came on April 21, 1918 when it shot down Germany s famous Red Baron.