Ares Gamma PRO V2 Ready to Run Aircraft

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Ares Gamma PRO V2 (AZSA1652UK)
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Ares Gamma 370 Pro V2

  • Wingspan: 37.0 inches (940mm).
  • Length: 30.6 in (775mm).
  • Skill level: Beginner to Expert
  • One model but multi purpose: Trainer, relaxed Sunday flyer, sport aerobat, camera ship, and even a floatplane with optional extras!

Offering a perfect combination of stability and durability, while also delivering powerful flight performance, the Ares Gamma Pro V2 is not only a great choice for first-time pilots but also an exceptional model for experienced sport flyers, too. Like the popular Gamma 370 V2, the Pro starts with an advanced EPO airframe that’s lightweight, tough, and comes practically ready to fly, right out of the box.

The Gamma Pro V2 also has the same great flying characteristics of the Gamma 370 V2, but adds aileron control and brushless power. With these added features, the Gamma Pro V2 has the capability to take you from tentative first circuits to accomplished aerobatics. If you want to learn to fly on the Gamma Pro V2, the technology in the pre-installed Aegis NFP (Natural Flight Progression) system gives you the helping hand you need to be successful. It offers three different flying modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Unassisted) you can progress through as your flying skills advance.