Airfix Large Starter Set English Electric Lightning F 2A

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Airfix Large Starter Set English Electric Lightning F 2A (A55305)
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 The English Electric Lightning is a fighter aircraft that served as an interceptor during the 1960s, the 1970s and into the late 1980s. It is the only all-British Mach 2 fighter and was the first aircraft in the world capable of cruising at Mach+ speeds. This performance and the initially limited fuel supply meant that its missions are dictated to a high degree by its limited range. The final British Lightning was the Lightning F.2A. This was an F.2 upgraded with the cambered wing, the squared fin, and the 610 imperial gallons ventral tank. Although the F.2A lacked the thrust of the later Lightnings, it had the longest tactical range of all Lightning variants, and was used for low-altitude interception over West Germany. It could also carry the awesome Firestreak missile.

Airfix Starter Sets are ideal for beginners. Medium Starter Sets are a little more challenging to build than the Small Starter Set range, with more parts.

This starter set includes all of the paints and glue needed to complete the model.

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Dimensions 6 x 26.8 x 28
Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Number of Parts 92
Dimensions (mm) L235 x W148
Age Suitability 8+