Winner Balsa Chuck Glider Kit

Winner Balsa Chuck Glider Kit (DPR1001)
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For those whove had their DPR Chuckie fix or just fancy something a little larger, the Winner takes you to the next performance level. Designed specifically as a competition chuck glider its large area polyhedral wing and long-coupled layout offer silky-smooth characteristics and a beautifully gentle glide.

A chuck glider is a fantastic tool for teaching beginners the principals of flight, aerodynamics and basic trimming and the Winner serves this purpose beautifully. Get a group of aeromodellers together, give them all a Winner and just watch how they trim and tune their aircraft to achieve flight times that you wouldnt think possible. The Winner, then - a traditional balsa-built chuck glider with the power to teach, inspire and challenge.

Key Features
Outstanding competition inspired flying characteristics.
Easy build.
A perfect introduction to model aircraft building and trimming.
Ideal for indoor (sports hall) or outdoor competitions.
Flies outdoors in almost any weather.
Everything included except glue.

What's in the Box
1x Laser cut balsa parts set.
1x Sandpaper square.
1x Sticker set.
1x Modelling clay nose weight.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Wingspan - 425mm

Length - 470mm