West Wings DeHaviland Puss Moth Wooden Balsa Kit

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Dehaviland Puss Moth (WW08)
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West Wings DeHaviland Puss Moth Balsa Kit 

Good Competitive Flyer : Rubber-powered model with printed balsa panels - ready cut 622mm (24") wingspan.

The DeHavilland designs are so distinct in the world of aviation.

The Puss Moth was designed at a time when aviation was booming and was intended to be a fast 'Gentleman’s Carriage'. Our version captures that character and combines it with stable performance.

Construction is traditional and based on pre-printed balsa sheets and strip. This time honoured construction provides the right combination of strength and low weight and helps to recreate the general structure of the original design. The advantage of generous wing area, a good section, high wing mount and low weight all come together when it comes to flying.

This Puss Moth really has the performance to go with the looks and makes a great first scale free flight model.

The kit contains all the required items of hardware such as wire, wheels, propeller, rubber and tissue covering.