Guillows P-47D Thunderbolt Balsa Model Plane

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P-47d Thunderbolt (GUI1001)
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Guillow's Big Scale Balsa P-47D Thunderbolt

  • Wingspan: 768mm
  • Scale: 1:16

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt established a distinguished record as a high altitude interceptor and bomber escort. More Thunderbolts were manufactured during World War 2 than any other American fighter, and the seven-ton aircraft became extremely popular with A.A.F. pilots because of its ability to absorb extensive battle damage and remain flying. Perhaps the most outstanding tribute to this aircraft is the fact that all 10 of the leading Thunderbolt aces survived the war. The P-47 could easily out dive the enemy fighters and could “dish-out” terrible punishment from its eight 50 cal. Browning machine guns.

Kit Contains:

  • A complete set of beautiful decals
  • Scale WW2 plastic wheels
  • Light plastic nose cowl
  • Spinner
  • Auxiliary fuel tank
  • Wing air scoops
  • Bombs (2)
  • Landing gear struts
  • Tail wheel structure and dowels for rockets
  • Clear bubble canopy
  • Two colour cockpit interior layout
  • Large wide blade propeller
  • 6 feet of rubber band thread
  • Light silkspan
  • Cleanly die-cut balsa parts
  • Clay for balancing model
  • Reinforced wire gear plus generous quantities of strip stock
  • For U-Control installation, this kit contains a plywood firewall, tip guide, bellcrank base and control line handle, also push rod wire, bellcrank, elevator horn, hinge material, nylon flying line and all balsa tail surfaces.