Guillows NA Trojan Balsa Model Kit

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Guillows N.A. Trojan (GUI901)
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Balsa Glue Deal (BALSADEAL1)
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 Guillows NA Trojan Balsa Model Kit

The T-28 was the first post war advanced trainer produced in quantity for training pilots for high-speed jet aircraft. Nearly 2000 of these fine trainers where built before production ended in 1957. With advent of the war in South Vietnam, the T-28 was given a new lease on life when it proved to be effective “COIN’ or counter insurgency aircraft against enemy forces operating in the dense tropical jungle. Flown by Vietnamese pilots, the T-28 usually also carried an American advisor-observer on these combat missions.

  • Wing Span: 406mm (16")
  • Scale: 1/30
  • For Ages 14 and up

Balsa Kit Glue Deal Only Includes:

  • Deluxe Materials Super Phatic Glue 50ml - Highly penetrating yellow aliphatic glue with "wicking" action . Dries to 50% of its weight so ideal for lightweight models.

  • Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste 50ml - A specially developed tissue paste used for sticking tissue paper to model aircraft.

  • Deluxe Materials Eze Dope 250ml - Traditional modellers tissue shrinking dope. A safe, non-toxic alternative to the traditional flammable dope liquid. Its safe non-flammable formula has little odour and brushes are water-washable.