Deluxe Materials Low Odour and Odourless Glue Pack (3)

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Deluxe Materials Low Odour and Odourless Glue Pack (3) (LOWGLUE)
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Odourless and Low Odour Glue pack contains one each of the following -

Contains all Deluxe Materials glues.

All glues are no or low odour and are suitable for a range of modelling uses, ideal for people who don't like the fumes given off by glues.

Roket Odourless:
Crystal clear, non blooming and safe for bonding crystal clear plastics and foam; Sets 5-10 sec 20g Bottle
Super Phatic Glue: 
Highly penetrating yellow aliphatic glue with "wicking" action. Penetrates joints after assembly. Dries fast and bonds wood, foam, plastic, paper. Dries to 50% of its weight so ideal for lightweight models. 50ml Bottle.
Roket Plastic Glue with Applicator: 
This is a safe, non-toxic, alternative to liquid plastic cement. It's safe, formula has little odour and is water washable. Bonds styrene polyester butyrate & ABS. Bond speed varies. 30ml Bottle