Magnetic Strip, Discs and Closures

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Magnetic Strip (MAG/S)
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Magnets & Pin Closure Set (MAG/C)
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Magnetic Catch Set (7005)
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Magnetic Strip (MAG/S): Adhesive backed on the non-magnetic side, making it suitable for bonding to other non-adhesive surfaces.

Ideal for fridge magnets, indoor signs, badges, toys, masking, visual aids and various display purposes.

Strip can be cut with scissors and is suitable for doll's house doors.

1 piece of 'A' (positive) and 'B' (negative) is required.

Each strip is 13mm wide x 150mm long.


Magnetic Closeure (MAG/C) consist of two strong 9mm magnets and two pins to close onto.


Magnetic Catch (7005) consists of one strong magnet, one metal plate and retaining screw.