The Corner Shop 1:12 Scale Dolls House Kit

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The Corner Shop (both Parts 1 & 2) (CSK)
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Ground Floor (part1) (6255)
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First Floor (part 2) (6260)
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The corner shop consists of two separate parts which can be purchased together or separately. 

The Ground Floor (Part 1)   is a versatile shop with roof terrace above.  This property would be suitable for a variety of business uses.  The First Floor (Part 2) has a pitched roof and windows. 

Both parts can be used separately or combined to create a larger property.


Part 1 Ground Floor (WxDxH): 455mm x 380mm x 335mm

Part 2 First Floor (WxDxH): 375mm x 380mm x 340mm

Dolls house kits are precision manufactured from MDF and are supplied flat packed and un-decorated.

Images of built and decorated dolls house are provided to show an example of how the finished kit can look after building and decorating. Any accessories shown in the photos are not included with the kit.