Country Mix Roof Tiles 1:12 Scale - Real Brick with Rustic Coating

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Country Mix Roof Tiles (pack Of 250) (RST250)
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Cut from real brick and suitable for all periods. A quality roof tile at a bargain price.

Easily cut or shaped, these tiles will give a first class finish to your roof. As they are cut from real brick, they can be used for outdoor modelling as well.

Actual size (mm) : approx. 14 x 22 x 2.

Coverage: 4 per sq. inch (with half tile overlap)

N.B. We do not offer a matching service on Roof Tiles - due to the very low price - it is therefore recommended that you purchase enough to complete your project in one go.

By following a few basic instructions you should achieve a very realistic and durable finish.

1. Make sure the surface on which the tiles are to be stuck is clean & dry.

2. Glue a thin 2mm strip of card or wood across the lower edge of your roof, this will allow the first row of tiles to lay at the correct angle for the following rows.

3. To help keep your rows level draw a pencil line across the roof where your first row of tiles will lay. Then continue to draw lines right the way up the roof remembering to allow each row of tiles to overlap by approx. half the length. eg. If your tile is 22mm long you will need to allow about 10mm between each pencil line.

4. Use a good quality PVA adhesive to fix the tiles into position one row at a time. Using a full tile to start the odd numbered rows 1st, 3rd, 5th etc & a half tile to start even numbered rows 2nd, 4th , 6th etc.

5. Most tiles can be cut easily using a craft knife, pincers or tile pliers. Odd shaped pieces can be achieved by rubbing on medium grade sandpaper.

6. Continue to lay your tiles until your roof is completed. For the final finishing touches use our Ridge tiles