Metal Earth Star Wars Snowspeeder 3D Metal Model Kit

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Metal Earth Star Wars Snowspeeder 3D Metal Model Kit (MMS258)
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Star Wars Snowspeeder Model Kit

  • Fully assembled 31 x 82 x 76 mm
  • No Glue or Solder Needed - Pop the pieces out and connect using tabs and holes
  • Incredible detailed model from laser cut steel metal sheets
  • Includes assembly instruction sheet
  • Officially Licensed Star Wars Epidsode VII Metal Earth 3D Metal Model Kits
  • Suitable for ages 14+

Easy and fast to assemble. No Glue or Solder needed. Simply pop out the pieces by hand or with the aid of wire cutters. Then connect each piece at the attachment points according to the easy to follow instruction sheet included with each model. This can be accomplished by hand or facilitated by using needle nose pliers.

Assembled, it is an authentic, museum-quality, laser cut replica of the Snowspeeder used in the Star Wars universe.

While they were based on the snowy planet of Hoth, the Rebel Alliance took ther T-47 air speeders and modified them so that they were fast-flying snowspeeders, integral to patrolling and defending their hidden base. This small, wedge-shaped flyer is armed with two forward-facing laser canons, and a harpoon gun mounted on the rear arc, with heavy-duty tow cable. A two-man vessel, the pilot is forward facing, while the gunner sits facing the back of the craft.

Why not display your newly built model on the new Metal Earth White LED base (sold seperately)

The white light reflects off the metallic surface of the model and looks stunning !

white led base

Alternatively, the Solar powered Spinner Turn Table Display Stand (sold seperately) uses power from the sun to gently turn, showing off your model from every angle.

solar spinner