Festive Fun 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Festive Fun 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (G7094)
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  • High quality 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 
  • Puzzle size 48x68cm when complete 
  • Made from thick, durable puzzle board that is 100% recycled

A hundred years ago - and still today - for children everywhere there was a growing anticipation for the festive season. The hope for snow and tobogganing, decorating the Xmas tree with candles and glittering baubles, and placing sprigs of holly around the home, all these became part of the family tradition.Then it was Christmas day and the excitement of waking up to find Santa Claus had filled your stocking with toys and gifts. Finally it was time for the family feast, pulling fabulous crackers and wearing fancy paper hats, opening presents and having fun.

Artist Profile:

Robert Opie

Starting at the age of sixteen with a packet of Munchies, Robert Opie saw the need to record the history of everyday products around us and built up the collection that now extends to all aspects of daily life - toys, magazines, technology, travel, souvenirs, fashion and design. His collection can now be viewed at The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. Set out in chronological order in the form of a “Time Tunnel” the museum gives visitors ‘a trip down memory lane’ and a chance to see how the brands around us have evolved from the naïve charm of Victorian times to the greater sophistication of today. It also reflects the change in shopping habits, the impact of transportation, media, the effects of two world wars and the gradual emancipation of women.