Cakecraft Quilted Border Stencil

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Cakecraft Quilted Border Stencil (CD7504)
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Cakecraft Quilted Border Stencil

Create a quilted effect with this stencil and add dragees to the dots for extra sparkle
Offset the pattern carefully without the dots and you have an industrial metal tread effect!

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Food Safe
  • Easy to clean - wash with warm soapy water
  • Dimensions: 279mm x 80mm x 1mm

Ideal for:

• Royal icing
• Airbrushing
• Dusting
• Embossing


Our exclusive range of stencils have been carefully designed and selected by Cassie Brown to be elegant, modern or traditional, but always versatile
Stencils have a variety of uses in cake decorating and can add stunning simple or intricate designs to any size of cake. Many stencils have several elements to a design allowing them to be used whole, or in part to create a bespoke design
They can be used with many mediums including Royal icing, lustre dusts and airbrush paint making them the perfect addition to the decorating kit of a beginner or professional.