Making Animated Whirligigs by Anders S Lunde

Making Animated Whirligigs by Anders S Lunde (HB147)
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Over 24 traditional and original designs with easy-to-follow instructions

160 pages

The hand-crafted, wind-powered toys known as whirligigs have enchanted observers for centuries with their whimsical images: birds with spinning wings, people waving arms and countless other fanciful figures. In this volume an expert at designing and making whirligigs shows both novices and experienced woodcrafters how to create more than two dozen large-scale, animated models.

The author's easy-to-follow discussion of design and construction covers key elements such as the propellor and driving mechanism and features step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations. Best of all, these projects require no elaborate tools and only the most inexpensive materials.

Choose from both traditional and original models, including the fuctional variety (weather-vane whirligigs, a mole chaser, a bird scarer, and more) as well as purely decorative types: the Gooney Bird, Tony & his wheelbarrow, Eleanor at the tub, Pete sawing wood, the Moon Ship,and more. Assembling these imaginative creations will provide you with hours of satisfaction and delight viewers.