Carving Skills Introduction To Letter Carving DVD

Carving Skills Introduction To Letter Carving DVD (HB551)
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In this, the second in Murray Taylor's series of carving DVDs, he teaches everything you need to get started with letter carving in wood.

With a clear and inspiring teaching style, Murray shows how to master the different carving techniques for small and large letters.

Run Time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Format: NTSC

Region: All regions

DVD contents include;

  • Transferring Fonts to Wood
  • Techniques for Specific Letters
  • Becker and Roman Fonts
  • Small Letter Carving with Knives and Gouges
  • Large Letter Carving with Traditional Tools
  • Alternative Fonts Layout and Spacing
  • Applying Finishes

This is all supplemented by a wealth of information that will help beginners and also more advanced carvers to develop the confidence and skill to apply letter carving to their own pieces of work.