Artfoil Craft Kits

Artfoil is all the rage in the crafting world, and it’s not surprising given the amazing results even the most novice of craft lovers can produce with this simple, yet effective method.

Simply scratch away the black waxy coating in the indicated areas using the pen-like instrument included in your pack to reveal the beautifully shiny foil below and create your amazing design.

At Hobbies, we stock a range of artfoil crafts, ranging in the colours of gold, silver, copper or even multi-colored. There are also a number of designs to choose from, so whatever your preference, there is an option for you.

These artfoil kits are the ideal way to wind down after a busy day, or alternatively make a wonderful gift.

You can easily purchase your art foil kit on our website, or alternatively you can visit our shop in Raveningham to choose your kit in person.