The Professional Choice

Magic Colours™ Pro 
Professional High Concentration Food Colour for Cake Decoration.

Magic Colours™ MultiPaints (3in1)
Originally designed for Airbrushing, Multi-Paints have great smooth consistency with no particles hovering around. Fast drying and easy to clean with just hot water or Alcohol. 

Magic Colours™ Metallic MultiPaints (2in1)
MultiPaint 2 in 1 Colours - Concetrated Edible Metallic Liquit Food Colour for Cake Decorations

Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Paints 
Concentrated Metallic Liquid food colour for cake decoration.

Magic Colours™ Neon 
Neon Effect Sugarcraft Paste Colours.

Magic Colours™ Types


Magic Colours™ Pro (Highly Concentrated Paste Colours)  NO YES  YES
Magic Colours™ Neon (Neon Effect Paste Colours) NO  YES YES 
Magic Colours™ 100% Edible Metallic Paints NO YES YES
Magic Colours™ MultiPaints (3 in 1) YES  YES YES
Magic Colours™ Metallic MultiPaints (2 in 1) YES NO YES

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