Follow Charles Darwin's Diary Day by Day on Twitter

28 September 2014 by Rod Carruthers
Read excerpts from the reknowned geologist and naturalist's diary as he repeats his remarkable five-year journey abord HMS Beagle on Twitter .
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Tormek T-4 Sharpens your Tools to Perfection - New Model with 7 Year Warranty

11 September 2014 by Rod Carruthers
The Tormek T-4 Water-Cooled Sharpening System is a compact, high quality sharpening system, ideal for sharpening planes, chisels, knives, handtools, scissors, woodcarving and woodturning tools etc. to perfection. You can grind your tools with a perfectly square edge using the jig provided. Also comes with honing compound and the unique Tormek Handbook and DVD, so you can learn all you will ever need to know about shaping, sharpening and honeing your tools to perfection. The NVR switch provides safety in the event of an interruption of power. A useful tool for craftsman and model makers Comes with Tormek's impressive seven year warranty.
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Fun on the Boating Lake

05 September 2014 by Rod Carruthers
Many parks, like Eaton Park in Norwich feature a boating lake or open water that is perfect for launching model boats. Hobbies provide an amazing choice of boats and ships to suit every age and skill level. The Atomic Destroyer Thunder and the Atomic Challenger are both ready-to-run and a perfect introduction to radio control ships. For the more skilled or enthusiastic, we offer the Occre Ulises Tug which is supplied in kit form to create this fantastic model of a ocean-going tug . The Aeronaut Diva Cabin Cruiser is a great little starter kit. Easy build and with clear instructions, this is another good introduction to model boat building and has become a bestseller at Hobbies. Skipper pond yachts are a more traditional wooden yacht that can be enjoyed by all ages. Simple assembly and guaranteed to sail.
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