Introducing the Sparkling World of Sequin Art !!!

21 October 2013 by Rod Carruthers

Introducing the Sparkling World of Sequin Art !!!

Sequin Art consists of brightly coloured sequins, pins, flocked board and a polystyrene frame.
Initially Sequin Art was considered more suitable for children. However, adults became interested in the product thus creating a new market within the craft industry.

 Produce exciting sequin pictures by simply placing the velvet design on the frame and attaching the sequins to complete this vibrant product. 

A new variation has now been launched! Sequin & Bead Art is an original product following in the Sequin Art range and sold each year in increasing number.
Thousands of Sequin Art are sold each year in the UK and overseas with sales rising strongly year on year! It's great, it's fun and most of all a sense of achievement is had by all.
Our Rock Angel Manga Chick and Hello Kitty Gothic are amongst some of our newest and most popular Sequin Art Picture Kits.
Many new ideas and innovations have been further developed within the Sequin Art range in recent years. These include Silhouettes which give a silhouette shape against a brightly coloured background, and Sequin Art Juniorfor the younger generation with easy to follow printed layouts and with even more choice in designs for the Sequin Bead Art which are being developed all the time


Over the years Sequin Art has developed and has it's own unique image with an increasingly strong following. Innovative designs have been added, with different images for example 3-D Sequins. These consist of a polystyrene model whereby coloured sequins and pins are attached to create a three dimensional figure. The feeling is of accomplishment and satisfaction, both unique and addictive.