Just How Realistic Can A Plastic Model Ship Kit Look? You Will Be Surprised

21 March 2015 by Rod Carruthers
Hobbies sell plastic model ship kits . Lots of them. We see them everyday in beautifully illustrated boxes, some large, some small, all containing hundreds of small pieces that get glued together and painted to create a model of the actual ship. But just how realistic can the finished product look? Well, in the hands of an artist and professional model maker, the answer is Very Realistic! We're showing the following photographs to inspire aspiring modellers, and to showcase the talent of the genius Kostas Katseas . HMS Hood , 1941 fit by Kostas Katseas Such incredible detail for such a small diorama. Shown here next to a bic lighter for scale. Even close-up the detail doesn't disappoint. Products such as Deluxe Materials Solid Water , Making Waves and Scenic Water recreates all forms of water including waves, ripples and moving water effects.
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Sequin Art Craft Kits Cute and Sparkly New and Exclusive

11 March 2015 by Rod Carruthers
Create wonderful sparkling pictures with these amazing kits from Sequin Art. These latest designs are exclusive to Hobbies and include cheeky chappies such as Juan the Mexican Donkey Tia is a gorgeous little tiger cub who will steal your heart. She is great fun to make and looks simply adorable Children will love this special character. Sonny the Shark is wearing his captains hat and is steering his ship's wheel. For amazing value choose our Tiger & Penguin Twin Pack . The white tiger cub has a pretty face and, what's this? A surfing Penguin ?? Come on!!!
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Football Crazy at Hobbies

10 March 2015 by Rod Carruthers
Everyone has a favourite Football team, whether it's one of the big names like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, or Chelsea, or maybe you appreciate one of the top foreign teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona. If you enjoy the 'beautiful game' you're going to be 'over the moon' with our new range of puzzles. From traditional jigsaw puzzles, to 3D globes, and even puzzle kits to make a stunning football stadium of your favourite team. Our 3D football puzzle globes , once built, are the same size as an actual football. And will look amazing displayed with pride in the home They make great gifts for that friend or family member who loves their football. Make sure you get the right team so they're not 'sick as a parrot '. Our amazing football stadium kits r eplicates the stadium with painstaking reproduction of every detail. For those football supporters who like a bit of nostalgia, you'll enjoy reliving the glory days with our new jigsaw puzzles showing the Title and Cup Winning teams of the past.
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