26 June 2013 by Rod
A Suffolk man has taken the traditional Ship in a Bottle to the next level. After 13 months, and countless hours of painstaking effort, and with huge amounts of skill and patience, Allan Stevens has unveiled his latest creation. The ex-seaman has made miniature models of three vessels steeped in local East Anglian history and recreated them in stunning detail - complete with tiny crew members - all inside an old brandy bottle ! The LT 472 Excelsior, the last surviving sailing smack from the Lowestoft fishing fleet , is featured alongside the LT412 Mincarlo - the town's only surviving sidewinder trawler - and the historic east coast herring drifter YH89 Lydia Eva. In 2001 Mr Stevens completed an 18-month project to be hailed as the first person in the world to get a model ship - the LT 459 Nelson smack - into a yard of ale glass. But he hasn't stopped there, Mr Stevens has gone on to produce many other scale models of boats, creating one inside a light bulb and even building two ships inside a 1950s glass rolling pin. He is a member of the European Association of Ships in Bottle s, and is devoted...
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