23 February 2017 by Hobbies

This ‘Crusader’ Pleasure Boat isn’t just a static model – it can also be equipped with a powered propeller shaft and an electric motor (Available from to turn it into a proper powered model. If you use waterproof glue and fit the pieces together properly your new boat will be easily suitable for cruises on ponds and small streams.

When building this design, you can use either balsa or plywood for the hull, but it’s a better idea to use a more sturdy wood like basswood, beech or pine if planning to install a motor. You’ll also need waterproof wood glue, metal and rubber washers and a metal rod and the means to bend it if planning on building a fully functional tiller. Check out our woodworking section for glues, varnishes and paints.

To download these plans, simply right-click on the image below and click 'Save Image As' then print the image onto A3 or A4 paper, depending on the scale you prefer.